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Bee Cave Mold Inspections

Austin Mold Assessments provides bee cave mold inspections and testing to homes and business. The City of Bee Cave has grown more and more recently into the suburb of Austin. We have done a lot of mold inspection and testing in the area

As more people move into Bee Cave, calls for mold inspections have increased.  Cedar Park has long hot summers and humidity .This weather  supports mold growth in the Texas Hill Country and Central Texas.

With the heat and humidity people rely on their air conditioning systems to stay cool.  Many systems will run every day through October. With extended use of the systems moisture builds in the HVAC and mold problems can begin. At first the high outdoor mold spores combine with the moist air conditioning systems. As a result, mold will colonize with the system and ductwork.

Our Inspection Details

We have taken outdoor air samples for mold many times. So, it’s not unusual to find thousands of mold spores in the outdoor air.  Areas near Lake Travis seem to have high Pennicillium/Aspergillus counts in the air. Seems like the limestone retains the moisture need for mold growth. When mold spores combine with moist air conditioning systems, then people will start to see growth on their vents. As a result, they have developed elevated mold conditions in their air conditioners.

We have also been to homes in the Bee Caves area. Most of those have experienced water intrusion from a flood or leak.  Inadequate water cleanup leads to a lot of mold problems that we saw. One home we inspected in Bee Cave had replacement windows that were installed without flashing. Every time it rained, water leaked into the walls.  Even after the water is gone, mold can grow in its wake.  If you have experienced a water leak and you see visible mold, it probably more extensive than you realize.

If you think that you might have a mold problem, give us a call. We would be happy to drive down 71 to Bee Cave and inspect your home or business.  We will visually inspect your home for signs of mold and we will test the air for mold spores.   Our team can Identify the type of mold you have and the quantity. We also write Mold Remediation Protocols for your mold remediation contractor.