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Cedar Park Mold Inspections

Mold In ductwork of Cedar Park Home

Mold found growing inside the ductwork of a home in Cedar Park, TX

Cedar Park Mold Inspection and Testing

Austin Mold Assessments provides mold testing and inspection services to homes and business in Cedar Park. Since the City of Cedar Park is a major suburb of Austin, we do a lot of mold inspections and testing there.

As more people move into Cedar Park, calls for mold inspections have increased.   The long hot summers and humidity in Cedar Park supports mold growth that the Texas Hill Country and Central Texas have become known for.

Cedar Park Climate and Mold

With the heat and humidity, people rely on their air conditioning systems to stay cool.  Many systems will run continuously through October. With extended use of the systems, moisture builds in the HVAC and mold problems can begin.  When the outdoor mold spores are already high and combine with the moist air conditioning systems, mold will colonize with the system and ductwork.

it’s not unusual for me to find thousands of mold spores in my outdoor mold samples during the summer months.   More and more, I tend find mold growth at HVAC vents toward the end of the summer.

Some people who have Mold Allergies often suffer more when they are indoors when they have developed elevated mold conditions in their air conditioners.

Mold from leaks

I have also been to homes in the Cedar Park area that have experienced water intrusion from a flood or leak.  Inadequate water cleanup leads to a lot of mold problems that I see.  Even after the water is gone, mold can grow in its wake. If you have experienced a water leak and you see visible mold, it’s probably more extensive than you realize.

Give us a call if you think you might have a mold problem and we would be happy to drive up Hwy 183 to Cedar Park to inspect your home or business.  We will visually inspect your home for signs of mold and we can test the air for mold spores.   Sampling for mold can identify the type of mold and how much mold is circulating in the air.  We also write Mold Remediation Protocols for your mold remediation contractor if required.